L’Oliva Verde, (The Green Olive blog, by Julie Green)
Nicknamed Greenie some 30 years ago, I have a love of all things green from the enigmatic Olive tree to the great outdoors, rolling Tuscan hills to the serenity of nature, green smoothies and a world of kale and wellness. Before this, I lived in chaos in a city that never sleeps (“Madrid will kill you”), in a demanding but seriously enjoyable job in the music industry. Breakfast in one city, lunch and dinner in another, burning the candle at both ends in a labarynth of European cities kept me in airmiles and under eye dark circles for a few years. Does anyone else look back on photos and see resounding improvements 10/15 years later? The body is very reslient, especially if you nutritionally treat it right (we all know by now that we are what we eat) and fit some exercise into your daily routine.

Because, we are so busy in our everyday lives, we are our own worst enermy, finding no time to understand the real reason why we are running out of steam, have depleted energy levels, accumulated stress, hormonal inbalances, dull skin tone, mood swings, an expanding waistline, anxiety attacks or bad digestion. We ignore the signals that our body sends us and look for quick fix solutions, in order that our daily routine is not interrupted. This usually means turning to ready available pills, stimulants or we simply forget to eat or fill up on non-nutritional, empty calorie food, all of which, over time has a negative impact on our health & well-being.
Save yourselves from quick fixes that do not address the symptoms, think natural and do your bit for the envirnoment along the way.

As a holistic health and nutrition coach, I have scowered massed of information on these topics and will share with you the juicy bits that I know you’re going to want to hear.
If you find yourself over-whelmed amidst endless websites, newsletters, emails, this is the place for you as I will be sharing top tips that can be read in just a few mins.

For further information about individual health coaching programmes, group workshops, events and weekend retreats, please visit my website; l’olivaverde.com or email me if you have any questions at juliegreen@olivaverde.com


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